While speaking last week to a client of mine, I asked him how things were going.  He responded by saying he wished he had more customers.  I listened to him and asked does your website bring in quality clients? He said “Yes it does, but again we’d like more clients.” Although I do agree that growth is a good thing, and that there’s always room for more. I asked him how much time he has now to deal with many. He said, well I can make more time, I then said “sure, but shouldn’t you work with good clients and spend as much time with them as possible?” I told him I apply the rule to my business and that we don’t work with 1000’s of clients but rather a select few. We work with good people who truly appreciate what we do and don’t mind paying us for our valuable time, knowledge and experience.

I also reminded him that there is a common misconception that businesses have to take the biggest clients regardless of their attitude. We don’t have time for attitude, not only will unhappy clients ruin your health and make life miserable, but they really won’t make you any real money either.

I asked him, if he really loves what he does. He responded yes I truly do. So I said there is your answer, work with those clients who also love what you do for them.
I get asked frequently by potential new customers if this is my best price, my response tends to be, “This is what it takes to get the very best of out of me and my team, Yes”.