Looking For Web Design Companies, Businesses & Individuals To Form Meaningful Partnerships.
Host Media is a growing web design company looking for  individuals, web design firms and also directly with business and

companies to partner with. We see great potential and advantages that accrue out of this web design partnership.

We seek partnership both with web design businesses, and also directly between us and the businesses seeking our  services, i.e. our direct clients.

This kind of collaboration is more than just offering web design services. It is unlike a quick web design service where we both go our own way, once the web design project is over.

That is why it is a partnership, a collaboration, a sort of alliance that is for a longer term than simple web design projects. With simple web design projects, the completion of the project itself marks the end of the journey together. Whether it be an outsourced web design project from a outsourcing vendor, or a web design project with a direct business or client. However, with a web design partnership, the completion of the design would usually just mark the beginning of the relationship.


So you have this great idea on how to build a great online presence and make a lot of money. Unfortunately, you don’t have the expertise or the money to implement this great idea. No problem. Come to us; we’ll listen to your Idea and if we feel it is a worth while venture, we’ll build, implement and manage your website for a percentage of your profit.

Sounds fair? Contact us.