Let’s make this easy. Imagine walking down the street and you feel like grabbing some lunch, would you go into the restaurant that has the broken windows, flickering lights, dark and smells funny? Or would you walk into the restaurant with the bright sign, BIG windows, clean entrance that welcomes people passing by?

I’m assuming you chose the latter, well, that’s exactly what applies to your websites presence and look and feel. Having an up-to-date website can do wonders for your business by building up credibility and helping establish a presence in your industry. Having an outdated one will do the exact opposite.

Visitors typically associate an outdated website with poor quality products or services, making it extremely important to know if your website is outdated. The following includes a list of the top five signs your website is outdated:

  • Not Mobile Friendly- Your website should be compatible and scale to fit any size screen. You can either have a completely separate mobile website or choose to have a responsive website. Responsive websites have the ability to adapt to any device, no matter the size of the screen.
  • Poor Content- There are many websites that acquire all sorts of articles and new features over time. However, if those articles or certain features are out of date, it counts as poor content. Poorly written blogs also count as poor content. If your site’s content hasn’t been updated in some time, you should make it a priority to update it.
  • Built with Flash- While flash has the ability to create rich multimedia experiences, it’s not compatible with iOS. Meaning is your website is built with Flash it won’t work on iPhones or iPads, making Flash a terrible idea for a website. There is the help of HTML and CSS3 that work on all modern browsers, and also happen to rank better search results in Google.
  • No Social Media Presence- If your website doesn’t have any social media links or a “share this” feature on your blog posts, your website is definitely out of date. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are some of the most important social media platforms for businesses. Millions of people go on these sites every day, making them the perfect place to network, connect with customers, and build a loyal customer base. It’s not enough to just have a social media account, you have to link them to your website.
  • Slow Site- If it takes more than 3 seconds for your website to load, there is a good chance that you’ll have higher bounce rates and will need to make some updates. Optimizing images, compressing page components, and minimizing HTTP requests are just a few updates you can do to improve your website’s speed.


If you feel that your website isn’t up-to-date and would like to change that, contact us