The ideology of having an ‘online presence’ no longer suffice in today’s highly competitive world. Most businesses have some form of free online presence nowadays: Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Google Business Location Page, you name it.

Business owners should actually be more concerned about how their websites can help them achieve their ultimate business goals. A website is the output of a digital strategy, working alongside with other tactics like traffic generation, conversion optimization and customer retention. Each business requires a different strategy base on their intended objectives.

Don’t end up with a disaster after scrimping with a cheap website design.

Penny wise, pound foolish.

It is not difficult to see on Facebook ads or on the homepage of some web design companies in Singapore publicizing lowly priced website design with lots of freebies thrown in. The professional work on developing websites gets commoditized when increasing number of amateur web designers price their work lowly to attract unknowing customers with reusable templates and substandard web technology. In fact, a simple yet good looking website can already be created for free with web-based platforms like Wix or SquareSpace if you are in the mood for some DIY.

Business owners who fall for such sales gimmicks dangerously fail to see the true value of having a website. Their shiny new websites will have little or no positive impact on their business, while their competitors who invested in proper digital strategies laugh their way to the bank.

You need a strategy, not just a website.

While it’s easy to find someone who can produce a cheap website, you will not find someone who can produce an effective strategy for cheap. Let’s face it: spending time to properly analyze, strategize and implement is not a simple job anyone can do.


Brand-building is hard, time-consuming work. If you have spent much money and effort to build your brand, don’t ruin it with a poorly executed digital strategy.

We know your concerns, especially if your last website did not give you positive returns or worse still, sat there like a white elephant while your competitors grabbed all the sales and leads on their websites which could have been yours.

Preparing a low budget restricts your options of hiring a more competent web design agency that will give you more professional consultation and a tailored strategy, while on the other hand you do not want to blow all your money without knowing what returns you can get.

The key is to be able to define SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely) from your digital strategy. We will discuss this more specifically in a later blog post. Meanwhile, you can learn how you should invest in your new website by clicking the banner below.

If you already have a credible brand, don’t ruin it with a bad website. On the contrary, invest well in a good website to help maximize exposure if you are in the process of building your brand.