Too many website owners are trying to beat Google at its own game when it comes to WordPress SEO. The problem with that approach is that Google is constantly tweaking, updating and testing its ranking algorithms.

The truth is, trying to trick Google is rarely going to be successful. Instead, follow a few simple guidelines, create great content, and there will be no need to try to outsmart Google.

The Don’t List

Don’t waste time on link exchanges or using reciprocal linking just for the sake of link-building. One link from a high-powered site is worth much more than lots of links from low-traffic sites.
Don’t write boring and uninteresting content. If you’re not interested in what you are writing, why would anyone else be interested in reading it?
Don’t use generic themes for your website. There’s no advantage to a poorly designed site that looks like a thousand other poorly designed sites.
Don’t ignore the power of social media.
The Do List

Do your research or hire a professional when it comes to SEO and choosing those all-important keywords.
Do use a custom-designed website that looks professional and meets all your specific needs.
Do join Twitter, Facebook and Google+, then use social media buttons on your site to share your content and drive traffic.
Do link to sites that feature well-written content that is interesting, topical or informative. Remember that your content must meet that criteria, too, in order to generate quality links back to you. The quality of links is more important than the quantity.
Of course, the most important SEO tip is to write great content. If people are interested in reading it, they will share it with their social media contacts, too. When you create content that people want to read and share, you build traffic and links even if you are not an SEO expert.